13 Funny Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Elsa Maxwell was credited for inventing Scavenger hunt, for her parties and get-togethers. Scavenger hunt is a recreational game. It can be played by adults and teens and kids as well. Some folks name it “party game”. First step for game is to gather few ideas about the things which a team need. Write down all the items and things to do. Secondly, select the area, indoor, outdoor or resort where you want to hunt? For kids you can hide thing somewhere and give them surprise and play with them in day light. Thirdly, write down scenes for the play like shopping, playing and creating funny absurd situations with other friends. For adults, you can light fire and take photographs and make videos full of fun. It is not necessary to invite only relations and close friend to scavenger hunt, some people enjoy this game for the introduction to new friends. Kids make more fun than elders by playing different games.


  1. Seven stars
  2. Plank walkers
  3. Sea dogs
  4. Treasure hunters
  5. Raging bulls
  6. The hooters
  7. Nut crackers
  8. Fun hunters
  9. Alien potatoes
  10. Crazy chaps
  11. chiky puzzle
  12. cutie puzz
  13. Last Shot

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