13 Funny Ship, Kayak and Boat Names


Basically, there are two ideas, which anyone keeps in mind before choosing the name of its boat, kayak or ship. The first thing is the location, where he wants to sail. He tries to call its boat, kayak or ship in resemblance with the location’s name. The next consideration is the use of boat. It means, is the owner wants to use his boat or kayak just for recreational purpose or using it for commercial purpose. In case of using the boat, ship or kayak for recreational purpose, the owner tries to keep its name with really funny meanings. You can say that this is an efficient way of attracting more and more people towards boat, kayak or ship. Here I have prepared a list of very funny ship, kayak or boat names just for you. Just read these names and spread smile on your face.     


1. Kiss my Bass

2. A Fish Too Far

3. No Sail

4. Private Dancer

5. 3 Sea Sons

6. Fish Digest

7. Thriller

8. Baby Eyes

9. Dolphin

10. King Fisher

11. Rode To Recovery

12. Duck Sloop

13. Comedy of Airs


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