14 Funny Group Names

Groups could be of either nature like political, religious, music, game etc. In case of political or religious type groups, obviously the name of group should be some serious type. However, the name of a music, game or any other entertainment type group could be some funny type. I think, more will be funny the name of a group, more will be it attractive and catchy for the other people. However, a common problem faced by the people, who want to adopt some hilarious type name of their group, is that they feel difficulty in finding some funny name of their groups. To resolve the problem in an efficient manner, I have collected some very funny names of groups. You can choose either one of these or can take an idea to make some new one. I am sure that these funny names of groups will be a source of inspiration for you.


1. Black Magic

2. Hit The Roof

3. By The Balls

4. A Case of The Hits

5. Spiked Punch

6. World Domination

7. Serves You Right

8. Straight Down

9. Blockbusters

10. The Blazing Sun Burns

11. Emo Kids

12. Power Tippers

13. Hit and Miss

14. Touch and Go

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