14 Funny Laundromat names

Laundromat is the name given to a self service laundry. There are the laundries where the washing of such type are used that are operated with the help of a coin. You just need to insert coin and put your dirty clothes in the washing machine. When your coin expires i.e. the time for your washing finishes, the washing machine automatically stops functioning for time being. Now, if you are done i.e. your washing is complete you can just take your washed clothes and go away and if you are not done you just need to insert another coin. This is how the “Laundromat” works. Its best part is that you do not need to put any extra effort and it is cheap as well; anyone can afford it easily. This is why this service is being practiced everywhere. Like everything else “Laundromat” is also given many names; obviously some of them are funny as well. A few of these names are:


1. Sit and spin

2. Bubbles and beans

3. The agitator

4. Queen clean

5. Brain wash

6. Washee washee

7. Wishy washy

8. Scrub and tug

9. The  removers

10. Height to wash

11. Rub a dub dub

12. Wash your trouble away

13. Wash’s up?

14. Wash n go

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