14 Funny Two Person Team Names

Just imagine you are travelling with your friend, feeling bore all the way or waiting for someone, in such situations you want to kill time, what will you do? Easiest way is to invite someone around you and start playing any game; it will make you feel good in boredom.

Now I am going to tell you about “speed” a two person play card game. It is very easy and interesting you can even play with teens. As the name suggests it depends on speed. You and your partner will take 20 cards each with 12 cards on the table with two piles of 5 cards on a side. Take 2 cards and place them between two piles.  The players have to lose cards as soon as possible. For doing so they pick a cards from their pile and match then get rid of it. In the end the winners will have no card at all.


  1. Speedy gyres
  2. Windy nuts
  3. Fast aces
  4. King wheels
  5. Golden hills
  6. Thunder fires
  7. Grass kickers
  8. Angry pirates
  9. Pretty horrible
  10. Big apples
  11. Lazy Couple
  12. Smashing Twins
  13. Rat and Bear
  14. Mutual Cross

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