15 Funny Award Names

Awards and honors are different forms of appreciation of one’s work and effort. People are given away with awards as a token of their hard work and struggle in a particular field. Awards are given in educational institutions, in sports, in showbiz etc. Now matter, in which field one has done an extra ordinary job, awards are just a symbol of pride and perfection. However, sometime the names of awards are so funny that we can not control our laughter. These funny awards are usually given in friend’s get together and our family occasions. However, these awards are given on international level too. At times they belong to some funny club or event which has fun element in it. But at time they are given just to amuse the audience. Here we are presenting few awards names for your consideration; hopefully you will enjoy these crazy names.


1.    The Pigasus Award
2.    Spammer of the month Award
3.    The Ernie Award
4.    The Ass ear Award
5.    Bonehead Award
6.    The Burnt dish Award
7.    The Darwin Award
8.    The big brother Award
9.    The Crazy dress Award
10.    The long nose Award
11.    Biggest Airhead Award
12.    Dump personality of the year Award
13.    The Stella Award
14.    Doctor’s bet friend Award
15.    Slacker of the year Award

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