15 Funny Baby Names for Boys and Girls

It is the greatest wish of every parent to have a unique name of their baby. Finding a something different from usually is a bit difficult work for them. They read book, name dictionaries and websites to get meanings of some require words. This is the only one type of parent, another type has strong believes on religious names. So, they consult books related to religious histories and sermons or sometimes follow the names of their forefathers. Some parents name their child on different characters of super stars, heroes and international sports player. Finding names from magazines is not a difficult task, just read an article or headlines about any celebrity and decide you require name. Third type of parent wants to create a name of their choice. For example they form a word after joining two different words and they get a unique one. In order to find a distinctive and name with a sole meaning parents should use their imagination not books or trend of super stars names because these names afterwards become common and lost exceptional quality.


  1. Baby boomer
  2. Jeff boy
  3. Little princess
  4. Jay bird
  5. Nora bone
  6. Anne penny
  7. Woody bush
  8. Cupy king
  9. Sweetie pie
  10. Bumpy ball
  11. Crawling kid
  12. Nany Baby
  13. Mummy's Kid
  14. Small Angel
  15. Cutie Pie

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