15 Funny Baseball Team Names

Baseball is a bat and ball game with some rules and conditions to follow. Nerve shaking match between two teams of nine players each, trying to score runs by hitting the ball is full of excitement and thrill. Baseball matches can be so entertaining and exciting, if both the teams are competent enough to give each other a real tough time. Because this game is played in a proper field, it is not usually a part of the college and school games.  People mostly enjoy this game by watching it on television or live at the stadium. The level of thrill and excitement is yet the same. Have you ever heard of baseball team names that sound funny and witty! To maximize the fun, we have a collection of funny baseball team names. These names are quite different and you will find them really interesting. If you are also a baseball lover you can enjoy sharing these names with friends and have a good laugh.



1) The Bastardos
2) Explosive Renteria
3) Keep Rolen Rolen
4) So cal team
5) Trading in Bonds
6) Sporting Wood
7) Chin Music
8) Mentally Bedarded
9) Blue Ballers
10) Inge and Purge
11) Special K's
13) Backdoor Sliders
14) Rounding Third
15) The Bing Bang

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