15 Funny Fantasy Team Names

O’ my friend! Are you seeking for a weirdest and funniest name for your fantasy team? If yes, then stay here as this is the right post for you. I have seen many youngsters, who want to establish their own team of either game like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket etc. However, they want to make it attractive for others by choosing some striking name. Now imagine! If the name of your fantasy team will be some funny like, then how much could be attractive for others. Obviously, it is. When you will try to find out some funny names for your fantasy team at internet, you will meet with a lot of confusing websites as well as names. It will be very difficult for you to choose an appropriate one for your team. Here, I have chosen a few really unique and funny names for your fantasy team.


1. Bloodbath and Beyond

2. Wii Not Fit

3. Scared Hitless

4. Paintball Wizard

5. Dream Killers

6. Walla Walla Weasel Wackers

7. Hugh Jass Construction

8. Here for Beer

9. The Serial Killers

10. Viscious and delicious

11. Swamp Donkies

12. Designated Drinkers

13. Cuban Raft Riders

14. Cunning Stunts

15. Moose Knuckles


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