15 Funny Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Names

A hotel is a place where people use to have meals or they stay. Motels are also the places where people eat and stay. The difference between motels and hotels is that motels are specially made for those people who are usually motorists. Today the term motel is not used that much only hotel and restaurants are known. Restaurant is the place that is not big as a hotel and it is not the place where people can stay. They just come there eat and go. These are the places that are there in every city or town.  Different restaurants and hotels have their special dishes i.e. food in which they have specialized. Usually the names of restaurants or hotels have name according to the native language. Some are the names that may be, do have some literal meaning in the native language but sound funny.  Some funny names are given below.


1. Heartbreak hotel

2. Hold on

3. Check inn

4. Dreamers town

5. Always yours

6. 247365

7. Hang out

8. Come on inn

9. Red onion

10. No-tell motel

11. Papa Salas

12. Drop inn

13. Step inn

14. Fu king Chinese restaurant

15. Soon fat

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