15 Funny Indoor Soccer Team Names

Indoor soccer is mostly played in North America and Canada. An artificial turf is used in a rectangular indoor arena. The time for the game play is about 60 minutes with four quarters. Mostly six players participate in each team. Special shoes with flat bottom are required for the hard turf. It is same as outdoor soccer game but some of its rules are different from outdoor. There is no side and if the ball strikes to the wall or touch to the roof the opponent team will get the advantage of free kick. The teams have decided the colors of the card, besides yellow and red they also use blue card. Goal scoring and points counting is also different, player can get more point by throwing ball from distance. The goal keeper must be active because of hard turf the ball bounces and jumps upward. Sometimes penalty kicks are used for the decision making for equal goal points.


  1. Wizzy boys
  2. Goal busters
  3. Shy puppies
  4. North folks
  5. Big willys
  6. Sparky guys
  7. Cool &cools
  8. Yellow cards
  9. Raging Hippos
  10. Red bugs
  11. Booty Dude
  12. Indoor Master
  13. Indoor Balls
  14. Field Gaints
  15. Dark Siders

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