15 Funny Kickball Team Names

Kickball is a famous game that is played in almost every country of the world. Youngsters love to play this game and for many years several international tournaments have been played by different international kickball teams. As this game is closely related to football and baseball, so it involves heavy physical activity as well. Kickball game is also very helpful because if you are a player of kickball and you regularly play it then you do not need any further exercise and do not need to go to gym as it is very effective exercise itself. It is played both on national and international level, but evidences suggest that the number of its fan and teams are more on national level than the international level. There are several kickball team clubs and several institutes, colleges or universities that have their own kickball teams. It is also noticed that sometimes the names of these teams are quite funny and sometimes shocking as well. Few of these funny names are as here.


1. Grass kickers

2. Duck

3. Kicker bees

4. Kicktators

5. Scared hitless

6. Zigzag zapping

7. Remote control alligators

8. Our kicks don’t lie

9. One kick wonders

10. Hobolympians

11. Pitches be crazy

12. Overzealous high fivers

13. Kick and run

14. I would hit it

15. Friends with benefits

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