15 Funny Lamb, Sheep and Goat Names

Lambs, goats and sheep are the animals that are also kept as livestock. They are useful and really helpful to us. Sheep are the furry animals and can be found everywhere specially in cold areas. Goat can also be found everywhere and they provide milk and mutton. They are also kept as pet but now a days they are kept usually in rural areas. Young sheep is called lamb. All of these three animals belong from one group of animals that’s why they have more or less same characteristics. Raising these animals requires skill and ability to raise and keep them and there should be proper arrangements for keeping them. These animals are found in every country but in developing countries livestock is a major mean of earning. So, their ration is higher in these countries. In every region these animals are called by different names. Some of these names actually do have some literal meaning but majority are just their nicknames and are just given to them by their owner. But, still these are funny like:


1. Lambert

2. Cloud 

3. Fluffers

4. Rambo

5. Alava

6. Lori

7. Oliver

8. Zack

9. Buck

10. Lambo

11. Madia

12. Shini

13. Bee

14. Curly

15. Ing-wei

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