15 Funny Nurse and Doctor Names

Doctors and nurses are no doubt, an important need of our lives. If we want to spend a healthy and happy life, it is imposable without the aid of doctors and nurses. Obviously, doctors suggest some medicines to cure our diseases. However, I am going to tell you some other kind of treatment, which some doctors use to amuse their patients. Actually, some doctors believe that fun is the best treatment of many diseases. If a person is happy, then it means he has still some tendency to fight with diseases. For the sake of this aim, some doctors and nurses adopt some funny names. You can’t believe that how much effective this method is. When patients or even healthy persons read such hilarious names, they become unable to control their smile. If you want to decorate your face with lovely smile, then this is the right blog for you. 


1. Dr. Bonebreak

2. Dr. McNut

3. Dr. Otto B. Kilt

4. Dr. Doctor

5. Dr. Key Neine

6. Dr. Bonesetter

7. Dr. Ken Hurt

8. Dr. Ploy Esther Pantts

9. Dr. Aikenhead

10. Nurse Payne

11. Nurse Hacker

12. Nurse Nurse

13. Nurse Good

14. Nurse Splean

15. Nurse Kity


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