15 Funny Pokemon Names

Pokémon is the name of a famous video game that was first introduced in Japan. The name of the game is set on the name of a media franchise.  The task of this franchise is to launch different video games. Pokémon is among one of these video games released by this franchise. It was launched almost 14 years back. Pokémon video game is really famous especially in teen agers since the time of its launch. Its popularity is evident by the fact that “Pokémon” have been produced in the form of many cartoon movies, cartoon series and animated films. Pokémon cards are also the center of interest for many children not only in Japan but in many other countries where this series is popular. As the origin of “Pokémon” is Japan, so the names of all of its characters are in Japanese language. Though Japanese language is very famous but not that much that everyone knows it. So, when a person who is not familiar with Japanese language hears the names of Pokémon characters, he/she doesn’t understand them. Pronunciation in English makes them funnier like:


1. Pickachoo

2. Jirachi

3. Steelix

4. Gallade

5. Flaffy

6. Tangrowth

7. Torkoal

8. Machamp

9. Shellos

10. Purugly

11. Magneton

12. Seviper

13. Tyranitar

14. Diglett

15. Cacnea

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