15 Funny Pool Team Names

In the past pool is known as billiard and snooker in different countries. Another name for this game is life pool. This game has a rich history. It was played by kings and common people. Long wooden stick, colorful balls, and six pockets table are used for playing this game. The player tries to pocket the opponent’s ball to get new “life.” It is the term to stay in the game. Each player has three lives and the last player having life wins the game. Pool is not limited to halls, rooms and clubs now, you can play it online. Many game spots at online services offers free registration sign up there and join a group or make new one and start play. Some websites give you tutorial and instructions about the rules of game. It is your choice to select multiplayer pool, power pool, snooker, plunk pool or verti pool.  It is very interesting and tactful game indeed.


  1. Crazy balls
  2. Frozen cues
  3. Chilly shots
  4. Bridge breakers
  5. Smile heads
  6. Pool fools
  7. Bouncy stars
  8. Power bubbles
  9. Pool villas
  10. Cool buddies
  11. Smashing Balls
  12. Striking Sticks
  13. Blind Balls
  14. All Pockets
  15. Sizzling Balls

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