15 Funny Rogue Names

Rogue is the word that basically has the negative meaning. In general rogue is a person who is a murderer, a defaulter or a mischievous person. But it is not necessary that the word ‘rogue’ is used only for the person. It can be also be used for a corrupt program that contains virus. It can be a spam originating internet service that can cause problems for computer. An animal that is taken away from its group, and has the destructive inclination, toward the people is also called a rogue. Hence it can be said that the word rogue can be used for anything that generates negative effect and can cause any harm to persons or the society collectively. In different languages ‘rogue’ is given different names. Some are familiar to our language others are not. Some of the funny names can be:


1. Wartortile 

2. Sneakypeat 

3. Stunlocked

4. Ironshadow

5. Slice

6. Elvis 

7. Stabbed

8. Stunuraz

9. Balrogue

10. Dexter 

11. Ganksta

12. Bump

13. Demonic

14. Wooshh

15. Ringo

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