15 Funny Sports Names

Sports are the part of everyone’s life. it is said that if a person keeps himself busy in sports even three days a week he/she would never get sick due high or low B.P, heart disease or lungs disease. Initially sports were given the importance only because they are source of good health and are the good time pass. But, as the time is passing sports are getting importance even beyond these two reasons. The advancement of print and electronic media sports have been a great source of showing your patriotism as well. Whenever two international teams come in ground the enthusiasm of spectators is worthy of a look. Different national and international contests are held every year on big level in different countries. Major sports events are FIFA world cup, ICC cricket world cup, hockey world cup etc. some other sports are also there that have really funny names. Like:


1. First card

2. Ricky singing bones

3. Barry U.S bonds

4. Philadelphia soul

5. Thailand monopolists 

6. Rusty kuntz

7. Woody held

8. Bee hunt

9. Misty hyman

10. Chubby cox

11. Carp

12. Bull ride

13. Ron tugnutt

14. Jack glasscock

15. Fish rune

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