15 Funny Tennis Team Names

There are many types of this sport, lawn tennis, court tennis, two player opposing and double player tennis. It has been played in Britain since many centuries. It is very popular all over the world and International rules are applied on it now. The game is played with two rackets and a tennis ball. For international competitions players have to undergo high criteria. Their stamina, skills, strength, shots and defense are checked. A single weakness of stroke, throws the player out of the game. The most important tournament in the history of tennis is Wimbeldon. It has been played on the lawns of Wimbeldon since 1877.  To win the game a player has to get four points with the margin of two but if duce then game prolongs till any player achieves advantage. Other worldwide competitions are Davis cup, French open and US open tennis tournaments. Tennis is equally popular among women sports. Every year tens of millions of dollars are offered as prize money in each event.


  1. Nadal voices
  2. Beast bouncers
  3. Chatter boxes
  4. Bump wheelers
  5. Shot killers
  6. Flying aces
  7. Kings and queens
  8. Screw balls
  9. Flying trouts
  10. Double cheaters
  11. Sure Shoters
  12. Blinking Balls
  13. Moving Rackets
  14. Rackets Sliders
  15. On the Top

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