16 Funny Golf Team Names

Golf is no doubt, one of the most fascinating and famous games in all over the world. people becomes crazy to see the event of Golf World Cup and that is the time, which reflects its popularity graph. If you are also one of those crazy persons, who not only love to see the golf tournaments, but also want to make their own golf team. Then, you are at right place. I am also a great fan of golf and have decided to make my own golf team. For this purpose, I have decided to collect some gorgeous but funny names of golf teams, from where I could take some inspiration. Finally, I have also decided to share these funny names of golf teams with you, so that you could also take some idea from these names. You believe that if you will choose some funny name for your fantasy golf team, people will surely appreciate this name.


1. The Happy Hookers

2. Club Hoopers

3. Stokes of Luck

4. The Long Balls

5. Slice and Dice

6. The Woodsmen

7. Hack Attack

8. Balls of Fire

9. Pin High

10. Never Clouds

11. Hole in Ten

12. The Big Sticks

13. The Hole in Fun Gang

14. Sultans of Swings

15. Pin Seekers

16. Lost Balls


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