16 Funny High School, College and University Names

No doubt, all of us have either completed our education or still going to schools, colleges or universities. Student life is obviously a wow life and we cannot forget it during whole life. Similarly, the institutes from where we get education remain near our heart always. Whenever, we hear the name of institute, our deep love for it comes in front of others in the form of emotions. Now what about the funny names of schools, colleges or universities? I think, if you have studied in such a school, college or university, then it’s remain must be more appealing for you rather than those institutes, having ordinary names. No one can deny the love with its educational institute; however I am sure that in case of some funny institution name, this love would be much more. Here I have a splendid collection of some very funny names regarding schools, colleges and universities.


1. Butts Road Primary School

2. Governor Dummer Academy

3. Tiny Tits School

4. West Fukasumi Titnipple High School

5. Massacre Pre-School

6. Epic School

7. Butte High School

8. Inuman Elementary School

9. Weed High School

10. Worthington Hooker School

11. The Porny School

12. Pansy Kid Middle School

13. Colon High School

14. ZooMass – University of Massachusetts

15. Valley Forge Bridal College

16. Johnson & Jails University 


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