17 Funny Designation and Job Names

Are you doing a job or running your own business? If you are doing a job then tell me the name of post. I know, you are thinking that why I am asking this personal question. Don’t worry my brother! I am going to unveil a weird reality in front of you. Normally, the names of job openings are not very strange even in all over the world and have become so common that every person can recognize the name of job. It does not matter that from where, he belongs to. He can not only easily understand but can also apply on any job just because of their common names. However, there are some really funny names of jobs as well that becomes the cause of fun for us. I have a very beautiful collection of these funny names, so just read and enjoy.


1. Thief

2. Employ without portfolio

3. Unemployed 

4. Garden Boy

5. Brad Slaughter

6. Oliver Loser

7. Dr. Mind Setter

8. Skull Grinder

9. PHP Ninja

10. Mother Repairer

11. Honest Politician

12. Remedy Engineer

13. Self-storage Manager

14. Job Coach

15. Nail Technician

16. Sandwich Artist 

17. Pressure Washer

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