17 Funny Firm, Organization and Company Names

What could be the possible ways of business promotion? Let’s count. It could be through brochures, flyers, banners, newspapers, media etc. However, there is another effective way of publicity that is really going very well in all over the world. When I will use the name of that way, I m sure there will be a cute smile on your face. Yes, I am talking about funny names of organizations, firms and companies. When I searches about business related funny names, I became astonished to see that how much humorous these names are. It means, businesspersons have also heart in their bodies. Sorry, I was just joking. Here, I have a very beautiful collection of funny names related to firms, organizations and companies. So, don’t waste more time and join my company. It is the promise of your friend that you will never feel bore. 


1. A Den of Antiquity

2. Assman’s Barber Shop

3. Chain Reaction Bicycles

4. 2 The Point

5. Kum & Go

6. Young Dong 

7. Hip Joint

8. Get Plastered

9. The Hands on Children Museum

10. Frisky Business

11. S & M Amusements

12. Little Miss Muffin

13. Mama Zuma’s Revenge

14. Mickey Mao’s

15. Nuts Landing

16. Pool Sharks

17. The Mug Shot


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