18 Funny Home, Apartment and House Names

Home is no doubt, a most beloved place of every person. Do you know the difference among these three terms like home, house and apartment? Obviously, all three are residential places. However, when a person constructs a residential place, this is called house up to that time whenever he never arrive there. While, on arriving there permanently, this house becomes home. Similarly, an apartment is just like home, but it could be at some height means in some residential building like flats. Anyway, if you have constructed your home recently or living in a home already, but want to keep the name of your house, home or apartment, then I am here for you. I can give you really catchy and funny ideas about the name of your beloved home or apartment. So, don’t hesitate and look at the list to pick up any one.



1. Nut Wood

2. Big View

3. House of the Rising Sun

4. Flip Flop Villa

5. Bedside Manor

6. Dew Drop Inn

7. Luggage Baggage Cottage

8. Duck Pool cottage

9. Wanda Inn

10. His n Hers

11. Devil’s Inn

12. By-The-Way

13. Pearl Gates

14. Wits End

15. Danger Zone

16. Ocean Back Property

17. Golden Gates

18. Lots of Luck 


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