18 Funny Trivia Team Names

A trivia team is team of more than two persons that play quizzes and other question games. Usually these games are played online so trivia teams are online teams. As the word trivia mean ‘detail’ or ‘ins and outs’, it is clear that the main purpose of these teams is to win the game by giving finest points and detailed answers of the asked questions. The team who gives most appropriate, to the point and with complete knowledgeable answers wins the game. Another focus point is to keep the track of time. If a team is prepared for the questions but forgets to answer within the given time slot, it is impossible for than team to win. Several trivia teams are active on internet that plays the limited time games like quizzes. Most of the teams have hilarious names. Some names are given below.


1. High fiving faces

2. Know it!

3. Wacha got?

4. Cupid stunts

5. The beasts

6. Mind bogglers

7. Free thinkers

8. Mind readers

9. Know it all

10. Them in corner

11. The saga thug

12. E for idiot

13. Quiz masters

14. Paranoid androids

15. Peaceful killers

16. Etti-quizts

17. Anonymous plus 3

18. Instrumentalists

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