19 Funny Ghetto Names

Before unveiling some really funny ghetto names, it is necessary to understand the meanings of ghetto. Actually, ghetto names mean such names that are only different in spellings, but have resemblance to traditional names of anything. You can also say that ghetto names are just different in spellings, but sounds just like commonly used names of different things. I think, you have picked the idea in your mind that I want to describe in front of you. When we look around our surroundings, we can find many ghetto names with really funny meanings. I could not understand the aim behind keeping such names. In fact, this trend has become more common in this modern age. Parents keep the names of their children as ghetto either intentionally or non-intentionally. Anyway, whatever will be the reason, I have disclosed some really funny ghetto names just for you.


1. Akeebu 

2. Dason

3. Jakori 

4. Kataya 

5. Handita

6. Chilla

7. Gamor

8. Jabree

9. Asinti 

10. Reignbow

11. Shamika 

12. Olario 

13. Gareeta 

14. Baranna 

15. Jalana 

16. Havika 

17. Mazaree 

18. Ureeka 

19. Oshai

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