20 Funny Acronyms

The abbreviation for a word or phrase is what we call acronyms.  By using the first letter of the words in a phrase or title, we create acronyms. This is a very useful technique to shorten up a line into just a few words. Any line or phrase can have acronyms whether it is known universally or not. Some people take it as fun and create acronyms as code words to be used among their friends. It could be great fun when you are at your office, among your friends or at home and using funny acronyms in front of others who actually don’t know your exact meaning.  Some of the acronyms are very funny and famous among people. It could be about any thing, any object or word. Here is a list of the most funny and hilarious acronyms.  You will find all of them very interesting and you will enjoy reading this collection. Share it with your family and friends to enjoy a good laugh.



1) MBA- Mediocre But Arrogant
2) PC- Pretty Cheap
3) AOL- Anti On-Line
4) WWW- World Wide Wait
5) BMW- Big Money Waste
6) DUH- Don't Understand, Huh?
7) ATM- Another Technical Mistake
8) DEA- Don't Expect Anything
9) VOLVO- Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
10) CA- Constant Acquisitions
11) ACE- Ask Chief Everything!
12) IBM- I Blame Microsoft
13) DEH- Don't Expect Help!
14) AAC- Anti Alien Cult
15) LGH- Let's Go Home!
16) NAVY- Never Again Volunteer Yourself
17) MBWA- Management By Walking Around
18) AA- Awful Awful
19) FART- Fire Alarm Response Team.
20) BADD- Bikers Against Dumb Drivers

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