20 Funny Guild Names

Guild, as we all know, is such group of people that have similar purpose. You can understand this by taking an example of a football team. Obviously, in a football team, all the players are gathered for similar purpose means to play football. You can implement this idea even in your own life. if you are a student than you can initiate a music group or a group to play any game. However, to make a group, the first mandatory thing is choosing an appropriate name. Undoubtedly, you will need such a cool name that would be attractive for others. For sake of this aim, you should select a funny name of your guild, so that you could motivate the other people to participate in your guild. Here, I have tries to collect some really funny names of guilds just for you. You can choose any one from this list. 


1. Leather Gear Solid

2. Less Beans

3. Will Dance For Gold

4. When Cows Attack

5. Squirrel Masters

6. Random People

7. My Little Ponies

8. Ice cream Club

9. She Looked Eighteen

10. General Goods Merchant 

11. Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap

12. Don’t Laugh at My Giraffe

13. Power Word Drunk

14. Don’t Tease me Brother

15. Gold Farmer

16. Sorry We are Questing

17. Holy Roman Empire

18. Riders of Lohan

19. White and Nurdy

20. Kitty Kat Death attacks

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