20 Funny Kindle Names

Kindle is an electronic iphone like device that is getting its fans on every day bases. Basically it is an eBook reader device. Now days it is wish of every youngster to have any device like kindle, iphone, iPod etc. that’s why things like these have become status symbol now. This device can be used for online shopping, net surfing, browsing and reading etc. As kindle is making people its fans on daily bases, so it has suddenly become famous worldwide. And as every region has its own language so it is possible that people have given it different names according to their own taste and choice. Some of these names are really funny that after listening to these names it’s very hard for a person to control his/her laughter or smile. May be these names have some literal meanings in different languages but as many people do not understand more than one or two languages so they really get confused. Some of these names are as under.


1. Kaylee

2. Mara

3. Snidely

4. Layla

5. Scheherazade

6. K2

7. Aurora

8. Lyberry

9. Fifi

10. Clerie

11. Pearl

12. Samba

13. Makk

14. Perrette

15. Ralph

16. Bunny

17. Precious

18. Noggin

19. Abigail

20. Mia

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