20 Funny Rabbit, Tiger, Lion and Snake Names

Rabbit, tiger, lion and snake are the animals that belong from different classes. Tiger and loins are from the same class of carnivores. Rabbits are the small mammals that are herbivores and snakes belong from the class of reptiles. Among all of these animals, rabbits are the most sensitive animals i.e. they could die if you feed them wrong food just for one time. Snakes are among the most poisonous reptiles. One interesting fact about the snakes is that they have more than 100 types and classes but only few type of snakes are poisonous. lion and tiger are considered as the symbol of horror and danger. All of these animals are known and familiar to humans. In some regions lions and snakes are worshipped also. In different languages these animals have different names. Many names are quite funny. Like:


1. Mallory

2. Oscar

3. Walter

4. Robert

5. Debbie

6. Rabbi

7. Noodely

8. Daisy pop

9. Fluffy

10. Azlan

11. Tiago

12. Ivory

13. Snowy

14. Tank

15. Soot

16. Angel

17. Jester

18. Cuddly

19. Frisky

20. Misty

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