20 Funny Town, City and State Names in USA

Simple definition of Towns and cities can be that they are the places where people live. Societies are formed by people and societies are maintained in cities or towns. Town is a locality that is bigger (in area and population) than a village. A town usually has all basic facilities of life, like electricity, hospital, schools and colleges etc. the difference b/w town and a city is that a town is a little smaller than a city and town has usually agro based economy. Cities are the developed areas of society, Developed in a sense that cities do have all the basic facilities along with the luxuries. Plus the economy of a city is industrialized. States are not necessarily industrialized, they may be agro based. Maximum numbers of state are in USA. There are 50 states in USA. All states, cities and towns have different names. Some funny names of American states, cities and town are:


1. Minnesota

2. Tennessee

3. Ohio

4. Oklahoma

5. New York

6. Utah

7. Georgia

8. Wyoming

9. Mississippi

10. Iowa

11. Oregon

12. Wisconsin

13. Arizona

14. Alabama

15. Carolina

16. Arkansas

17. Kentucky

18. Vermont

19. Missouri

20. Nebraska

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