20 Funny Twin Names

Twins are those siblings that born together. The two sisters or brothers that born together are called twins. Usually twins have identical facial features. They have equal heights and even their likes and dislikes are same. Twins are thought to be really rare in the world, that’s why when twins are born its considered as a pleasant event. According to a survey most number of twins is born in Indonesia. The birth rate of twins is 45 twins per 1000 babies. Twins have identical behavior not in their childhood but this behavior goes on with them throughout their lives. Most recent research of psychologists suggests that it is very common among twins that they think of one thing or person at the same time and they don't even know that, though it may happen that their direction of thought is different. As twins are just alike their names are also same or close to each other. Some names or nick names may be funny like:


1. Peat and repeat

2. Ying and yang

3. Ping and pong

4. Diamond and ruby

5. Tom and jerry

6. Pinky and monkey

7. Dolly and growly

8. Polka and dot

9. Trisha and trista

10. Rocky and roy

11. Joe and eddy

12. Looney tooney

13. Adolf and fold

14. Bob and other bob

15. Blonde and clone

16. Ceaser and brutus

17. Harry and sally

18. Soon and hurry

19. This one and that one

20. Bell and abel

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