20 Funny Vehicle and Car Names

If you are a fan of vehicles especially cars, then I want to share a gossip with you. Have you ever heard the name of such vehicle which could be funny and a source of amusement for others? Buddy! I am not talking about those funny names that people keep themselves for their beloved cars. I am talking about those original but funny names of vehicles, which are kept by their manufacturers. No doubt, many the most famous among them are the names of some cars, but not all. Many other vehicles like trucks; jeeps etc. have also some funny names that are now their identity. The amazing thing is that, these names have become the source of advertisement for the manufacturing company. So, I am here for you to present some really cool and funny names of vehicles especially cars. Let’s read them funny name.


1. Dodge Swinger

2. Rocky

3. Big Horn

4. Bongo

5. Mirage

6. Fitta

7. Largo

8. Duster

9. Rugger

10. Big Thumb

11. Rampage

12. Luv

13. Fury

14. Guts

15. Joy-Machine

16. Ascot

17. Titan

18. Forward

19. Neon

20. Cressida


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