20 Funny Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe and Deer Names

Zebra, elephant, giraffe and deer all are the animals from mammal group of animals. Among these all animals, Elephant is the biggest one and giraffe is the tallest one. Deer is considered to be one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A special element named ‘saffron’ that is used is making perfumes is also taken from the body of deer. According to an online polling, majority of people said that they would love to have a zebra or deer as pet at their homes. About elephant or giraffe they said the only thing that keeps them away from keeping these two animals is their size. So, they visit a zoo monthly or weekly so that they can see their favorite animals. Though these animals are not kept as pet at homes, still they are given different names. Some funny names are:


1. Streaker

2. One dot

3. Ella 

4. Zebbie crabbie

5. Hugey boy

6. Trunk-ken

7. Ping pong

8. Tallazier

9. Deer my dear

10. Long-oslavia

11. Slaraffen

12. Eyesee

13. Knobbly

14. Spatter

15. Neck-lodian

16. Fatzilla

17. Eardrum

18. Highto

19. Sally

20. Elley-bear

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