21 Funny Superhero Names

Superheroes are different comic book characters that are usually the heroes of young children. The era of super hero stated from 1938 when the first super hero named “the superman” was introduced to the public by a comic book. Soon the concept of super hero flourished worldwide and not only children but elder people also became the fan of the super hero. After super hero “superman” several other super heroes were introduced like batman, spiderman, iron giant etc. all of these characters became world famous. This fame compelled Hollywood directors and producers that these heroes should not remain confined to comic books only but they should be presented in such a way that a common man can get more inspired by them. So, in late 1970’s first ever superhero’s film was produced. The name of the film was “the superman”. After that this concept of picturization of superheroes never stopped. The basic task of these heroes is always the same i.e. to save the world from evil.


1. The golden head

2. The radio destroyer

3. The great jello eater

4. The ambitious enigma

5. The illustrious weirdo

6. The astonishing ninja

7. The daring

8. The midnight walker

9. Dark rider

10. The saharian

11. The rocker

12. Popularine

13. Scooby dude

14. mcGoth

15. quailman

16. iron chawk

17. mr. sleeze

18. super sword

19. coke head

20. the hilarious dad

21. meat meeter

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