22 Funny Intramural Team Names

If you don’t know exactly, what is mean by intramural team then I am not far off from you. It was the year 1913, in which intramural games were introduced by a professor of Michigan University. Actually, these intramural games are such entertainment games that are played in a defined area or you can say in a geographical area. Besides recreation, the amazing that I have observed about these games is that the names of intramural teams are really funny. There might be any team of intramural that have not funny name. I think, this is the need of this game that the names of teams should be humorous. Anyway, I have collected some very names of intramural teams and have hope that you will really enjoy these names. If you are interested in making your own intramural team, then you also take an idea from these names as well.


1. Sand Volleyball

2. The Fighting Amish

3. 4-play

4. The eh-team

5. White Beaches

6. Sandy Clams

7. Master Batters

8. The Four Skins

9. Mediocre Team

10. Shooting Blanks

11. Tum Up The Bass

12. Better Than Woody Haralson

13. Hand Out a Cigarette

14. Check Out My Melody

15. Money Shot

16. Ice Bank

17. Dirty Beaches

18. Knee Pad

19. Some Anathematic Dudes

20. Cobra Children

21. William Shatter 

22. Crispy Team


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