24 Funny Scorpion Tortoise Troll and Turtle Names

Scorpion, tortoise, troll and turtles are the reptiles. Among these all scorpion is the most dangerous one. It is dangerous because it is full of poison and can bit anyone. If the victim of scorpion is not treated at right time it can die. Here it is necessary to mention that the poor victim of scorpion can be anything i.e. it can be an animal, another reptile or a human. Scorpion is also a horoscope at it is said that the scorpion people can be as poisonous as a scorpion. Turtle, troll and tortoise all are more or less of same type. The difference is that trolls and tortoise are bigger in body the turtles. These reptiles can be found at seashores or in thick jungles. The four types of reptile that are mentioned above are just the name of classes. They themselves have many sub classes within their types. Every sub class has a unique name also. On the other hand some people keep them as pet also and assign each of them a name. Here are some funny names of them.


1. Stingy

2. Rocky 

3. Jaws

4. Shelly 

5. Dudley

6. Killer Kelly 

7. Greeny

8. Cuff and link

9. Self slayer 

10. Hercules 

11. Ninja turtle

12. Tank

13. Serket

14. Slash

15. Stinger

16. Hector

17. Spike

18. Trowlcat

19. Catmondu

20. Spirit

21. Stormy

22. Donoma

23. Shotatsu

24. Drangonutle

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