25 Funny African Names

All of us are known by our names. We may come across people with common names, different, unique and some will sound funny to us. Name is the label to distinguish one from the other. When we are at home we are called by our names. In school, college and at work place our name is our identity. People will recognize you by the label you are given by your parents no matter where you move around the globe. Talking about African names, we can have some most funny examples. Since the language is different, the pronunciation of the words if also different.  The same word that appears normal in English language can give funny sound in African code. Here is a list of some of the most funny African names. Theses African names sound really funny and you will enjoy reading this collection. You can also choose the one you like the most.



1) Shashaq
2) Laquisha
3) Mzwaga
4) Kaftans
5) Kit Chiu
6) Thabang
7) Dandada
8) Lou
9) Melissa
10) Scot Scott
11) Wakajawaka
12) Daniel Insidious
13) Mateo
14) Boobacar Ow
15) Roseanne
16) Phelephe
17) Joe Rodgers
18) Sanderson
19) Dana DeVault
20) Sambu
21) Ndlovu
22) Magagula
23) Jackson
24) Jacobus
25) Kwasi Mensa

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