25 Funny AOL and AIM Screen Names

AOL is an American internet service company with a wide range of options available for the users. AIM is the instant messenger that connects you to your friends through chat and mail. AOL provides mailing services free of cost and with unlimited storage space. Video services, games, search options and much more are there for the users to enjoy. You can get entertained through the AIM chat with the free services. If you also have an account and want a funny screen name we have a collection for you. You can choose from the list a screen name for your account which you find witty and humorous. You can multiply the fun with AOL explorer, mail and instant messenger along with a hilarious screen name for your account. Share these names with your friends and family and help them as well to find their perfect screen name.



1) (*)LifesToLiVeAndThenYaDie, SoOoOoLetsGetHigh:P(*)
2) Nuclear destructor
3) Say wat? Say yea ya!
4) (¨`v´¨)luvd by §um, h8êd by måñy, êñviêd by mo§t, yêt wåñted by plênty(¨`v´¨)
5) Lilmamagottaluv
6) Lifes short so take a risk, pain in the backside go bungee jump of a cliff!
7) Succ33d
8) Damselseo
9) Oneoftheb0ys
10) A1ma1m
11) Nancy
12) LadiiLoves
14) ¸¸.•´°¤gïmm£ ä ÇhÄñÇë 2 §hÖw ¥ä ¤ n ä ÇhÄñÇë 2 nö ¥ä
15) Starr Struckk
16) Hey uhm to becca
17) I Hi all I
19) Just__smile
20) Stickk witt youhh
21) The road to success is always under contruction
22) Luhhhhvv LIFE
23) ..::) TrY catCh Me! :):..
24) Chocolate iis love
25) HARTii or MHARTi

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