25 Funny Computer and Online Game Names

With advancement in technology, PC games are no more as simple and easy as were in previous age. Moreover, with evolution of online games, the things have become more interesting and complex. Today, if you want to play a game, just free of cost then you have no need to worry at all. The reason is that many online sites are offering games just free of cost and the opponents in the games could be any person even from a far off country. All these made have made those persons crazier about games, who have deep interest in computer or online games. To make their games attractive, the programmers have kept the names of their games very funny so that it could be a magnet for the others. If you have some interest in computer or online games, the here I have a beautiful collection of very funny names related to games.


1. Bullet Heaven

2. Elephant Quest

3. Alphaland

4. Flabby Physics

5. Shoot pixels

6. Snow Brass

7. World of War craft

8. Feed the King

9. Age of Empire

10. Need for Speed

11. Call of Duty

12. Assassin Creed

13. Grand Theft Auto

14. Hit man

15. Flyde

16. Taken 3

17. IGI

18. Counter Strike

19. Half Life

20. Deadly Dozen

21. 25 to Life

22. Max Payne 

23. Resident Evil

24. Commando

25. Street Fighter

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