25 Funny Dodge-ball Team Names

Are you a member of your school dodge-ball team? Sorry! I could not understand your meaning. You mean, you have no dodge-ball team in your school. If it is, then it is truly a strange thing for me. You should take initiative yourself and try to make your dodge-ball team. Actually, this game is not only a source of entertainment, but also a thriving physical activity. However, you have to take care of one thing that the name of your Dodge-ball team should be really awesome and hilarious, so that other students will automatically attract towards your team. If, you don’t have any idea about some funny name of your dodge-ball team, then don’t worry at all. I have made this struggle just to provide comfort for you. Here, I have a cool list of very funny dodge-ball team names and I am sure that you will really like these names.


1. Nothing but Nets

2. Gang Green

3. Ice Mashers

4. The Short Bus Ballers

5. If You Can Dodge a Wrench

6. Ballsagna

7. Sitting Ducks

8. Globo Gym

9. Picked Last

10. All Dodge No Balls

11. Big Cojones

12. The Prosthetic Balls

13. Victorious Secrets

14. Jail Blazers

15. Foul Force Fakers

16. Crazy Catz

17. Sneaky Crushers

18. Seven Jerks and a Squirt

19. Make it Drizzle

20. Athletic Hippies

21. King Salmons

22. Flying Beacons

23. Straight Down

24. Gecko

25. Apples and Oranges


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