25 Funny Horse Names

Horses, you know well, are one of the most ancient animals on our earth. There was a time, when people use horses just in battles and also for transportation. Undoubtedly, horses were the only animals at ancient times that were widely used in carrying people as well as luggage from one place to another. However, in these days people are using horses for another purpose means for earning huge money. Today, derby is one of the most popular games in all over the world I which horses become the source of earning money. This thing has made horses, the most beloved animal for many people. Moreover, the owners of horses love to keep the name of their pets as attractive as possible. Obviously, these names should be funny to draw the attention of people towards their pet horses. Here is a collection of some funny horses’ names.


1. Scout Mills

2. Bride Party

3. Take a Wiz

4. Jumps To Conclusions

5. Cookie Monster

6. Han Solo

7. Electric Banana

8. Gotta Pee

9. Not So Fast

10. As Seen On TV

11. Sugar Lips

12. Give Me More Money

13. Spider Pig

14. Really Fast Horse

15. Saw That Coming

16. Designer Genes

17. Anna Conda

18. Cut Throat

19. Pure Torture

20. Viper

21. Pinto

22. Jackal

23. Lion King

24. Disco Chetto

25. Titan Hinge

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