25 Funny Softball Team Names

Games and sports are considered to be the healthiest exercise. The only condition is that physical activity should be involved in it. Like some of other games, softball also involves physical activity. This game is not that much famous in the world. It is usually played in European countries. May be this is one of the reason why it is not very renowned. Softball is a basketball type of game. There are nationally recognized teams of softball in the countries where it is played. Teams are rewarded with different awards after winning the contest or a single game. Now, international sports organizations are trying to make this game recognized at the international level. For this propose several times softball teams of different countries have visited other countries and played matches. Like all other sports, softball teams also do have name. These names can be funny like the names listed below.


1. Bombers 

2. Third base bullies

3. Bullets

4. Nasty fasties

5. Yes dear?

6. Diamond divas

7. Hit men

8. Tom boys

9. Twisters 

10. No comments

11. Hurricanes

12. Killer dolls

13. Chaos

14. Grass hoppers

15. Heat waves

16. Out of control

17. Rage

18. Shutdowns

19. Sparklers

20. Titanz

21. Scared hitless

22. Spiders

23. Dream killers

24. Ninjaz

25. Death doctors

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