28 Funny Chinese, Korean and Japanese Names

It is no doubt, a crystal clear reality that we cannot understand the meanings of names that belong to some other language than our home language. However, sometimes even without understanding the meanings of names, they look very funny. The best examples of such names are Chinese, Korean and Japanese names. It does not matter that either we can understand the meanings of these names or not. The thing to consider is that the accent of these names looks very humorous and we cannot stay serious after reading many such names. Today, I have thought such a crazy idea and tried to collect some really hilarious names of Chinese, Korean and Japanese names. These names are not very strange in these countries and people normally adopt such names. However, for us who do not belong to these countries, such cool names are really funny.

Funny Chinese Names 

1. Chiew Babit

2. Cau Cin Cau

3. Yu Stin Ki Pu

4. Lei YingLu

5. Na Pah King

6. Chin Tu Fat

7. Tai Ni Pu Ni

8. Kum Hia Nao 

9. Sum Ting Wong 

10. Ooi Tru Men

Funny Korean Names

11. Yung

12. Dong

13. Sang

14. Choi

15. Lee

16. Jung 

17. Huyn

18. Jin

19. Gun

20. Wook

Funny Japanese Names

21. Nomo Noki

22. Kahu Tu Doshi

23. Meme Todota

24. Nin Ka Si 

25. Schi Ki Na

26. Teri Modo Rika

27. Shimi Ariku

28. Taka Nomo

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