30 Funny Bird and Animal Names

Birds and animals are part of our daily lives. We use them in different ways, as we eat few of them to fulfill our protein needs and we keep some as pets. Not only kids but Adults also like to visit Zoo, as animals are source of happiness for us. There natural movements and actions are really enjoyable. However, if you visit a zoo, sometimes you come across very funny names of birds and animals. These sound funny to us, as they belong to some other language but as we cannot understand every language of world, so they sound really funny to us.  We enjoy these funny names. Many people call their pets with very funny names just to add fun in their dull lives, Moreover, their family members and friends also enjoy these unusual names. Here I have gathered a list for you, which includes some funny names of animals and birds. I hope you will enjoy it.

1.    Toco Toucan
2.    Kaka
3.    Chacha
4.    Hobby
5.    Twite
6.    Guillemo
7.    Kittiwake
8.    Godwit
9.    Serin
10.    Squatter Pigeon
11.    Ptarmigan
12.    kite
13.    Teal
14.    Curlew
15.    Knot
16.    Boobook
17.    Crake
18.    Redstart
19.    Pochard
20.    Budgerigar
21.    Gadwall
22.    Bunting
23.    Bulo Burti Boubou
24.    Puffin
25.    Whimbrel
26.    Dotterel
27.    Scoter
28.    Canary
29.    Subbuteo
30.    Chiropodist

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