30 Funny Cow and Chicken Names

Cow and chicken are one of those pets that play the part of ordinary pets as well as useful animals to us. Cow provides us milk and meat. Chicken provides us eggs and white meat. Cow belongs from the family of mammals and chicken belongs from the family of Red Jungleflow. These both animals are widely domestic animals and are present in almost every part of world. Everywhere there use is more or less same but in some regions like south Indian regions. In India cow is considered a sacred animal and is worshiped like a goddess. In this area cow is not slaughtered; instead slaughtering of cow is considered a serious sin and its punishment can be a sudden death. But chicken is kept and ate everywhere and in every region. Chicken dishes are also in different varieties and different names. In every region these two animals are called with different (funny and strange) names such as:


1. Genny

2. Dora

3. Debbie

4. Brahmas

5. Mother ckuker

6. Ruby

7. Dolly

8. Roo-roo

9. Spike

10. Cock-pot

11. Skippy

12. Stud

13. Meatloaf

14. Sir loin

15. Big mac

16. Milky way

17. Velcro

18. Dolly

19. Joy

20. Red

21. Polly

22. Cookie

23. Momo

24. Moo

25. Mini moo

26. Tucker

27. Bandit

28. Crackers

29. KFC

30. Egg-man

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