30 Funny Inappropriate and Fake Names

Everyone tries its best to keep the names of his newly born baby as unique and beautiful as ever before. However, some people cross all the limits in this regard and keep the names of their babies very strange. You can say these names as meaningless or inappropriate. Eventually, such names become a permanent source of humor for other people. There is another category of funny names, which is known as fake names. The origin of such names is usually not start with their birth. These are such fake names, which become popular in other people. Actually, these are some relatives, which become the source of these fake names. These fake names are truly meaningless and inappropriate as well. Today, I have decided to make your day very funny by unveiling a cool list of funny inappropriate and fake names.


1. Sum Dum Chum

2. Woz Upp

3. Jail Enno

4. Senator Krupt

5. Anita Bath

6. General Lectric

7. Bonita Skidmore

8. Private Keepout

9. Holden Magroin

10. Nosmo King

11. Patty O'furniture

12. Razzi Dent

13. Owa Tegyu Siam

14. Ippe Freely

15. Ida Ho

16. Donn Aldak

17. A.Blinkin

18. Mike Oxbig

19. Itza Bird

20. Duson Mandick

21. Chick Innees

22. Chuck U Farley

23. Ben Dover

24. Robin Steele

25. Mike Hockertz

26. Yuda Mann

27. Dixie Normous

28. Solomon I. Lands

29. Mathew Dicknery

30. Loo King Good


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