30 Funny Monkey, Frog, and Bear Names

Monkey, frog and bear are the names of three most commonly known animals. These animals are very much different from each other according to their physique, characteristics and living but still they do belong from a same class of species i.e. animals. Monkeys and bears are usually found in forests. Monkeys live on trees and get down only when they are in search of food. Bear also live in forests but that’s not the only place where they live because another type of bear named polar bear live in cold places. They make their small houses named “huts” by digging the house and only come out when they need food. Some bears also live in caves. They are the biggest bears and the most powerful ones. Frogs are really smaller in size as compared to two previously discussed animals. They live in water. Interestingly, all of these three animals have been the central characters of classic stories like: teddy bear, frog and the princess, Tarzan and his monkey etc. some funny names of these animals are:


1. Darwin

2. Fuzzy wuzzy

3. Frooger

4. Mcfrogs 

5. Spank

6. Barry 

7. Mr. nilsson

8. Minko

9. Noneyer

10. Roosevelt

11. Ted

12. Flubber 

13. Harry

14. Winnie

15. Pooh

16. Buzz

17. Croaky

18. Jumper

19. Leapy

20. Ribit

21. Echo

22. Frogzila

23. Chubber

24. Batman

25. Acro

26. Fur-rozen

27. Bearer

28. Goofy

29. Cuti-pie

30. Skipper

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