35 Funny Face book Album Names

Today, there might be any person who doesn’t know the meanings of Face book Album names. This social networking website is not only offering a unique opportunity of joining old or even lost friends, but also provide opportunity of making albums. Actually, for youngsters, this is very catchy option and they like to avail it on any cost. Similarly, when a group of friends decides to make an album on Face book, the first step is obviously finding an appropriate name for this album. More will be attractive this name, more will be its popularity as well. At present, many sites are available that offer very unique names for your Face book album. However, if you are in search of some funny Face book album names, then this is the right blog for you. Don’t go anywhere and just pick up your favorite Face book album name from this long list.


1. Whoopi Goldberg's Manager 

2. Weird Looking Male Genitals

3. Whiplash 

4. My First Colonoscopy

5. Whiplash City 

6. The Sewage Leak in Our Basement

7. Honey Dew Mellow

8. The night We All Threw Up

9. My Collection of Snails

10. Keeping It Real

11. One Guy, One Cup

12. Ghost of a Chance 

13. That Thing I Do For a Buck

14. Sir Isaac Newton

15. Undercover in Prison

16. The Payback EP

17. Why My Dog Was Making Funny Noises

18. Ricki Ticki Landing

19. Things from the back of my fridge that expired 4 years ago

20. You're So Smooth

21. The cyst on my foot

22. McKonkie

23. Hanging Out

24. McKonkie's Revenge

25. Where Are You?

26. Santuna

27. Fun Night

28. My knee after the skateboard accident

29. The Lasers

30. Indefinable things found between my teeth

31. Bubbles From Bobbles

32. you can put the date of that day

33. Crappy Compilation

34. Def Con Deaf

35. Huggins


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