35 Funny North, Native American and Mexican Names

North and Native Americans are the people who have been living in the current region of America from the time when no one even knew what America was. Especially native Americans are said “native” due to the same reason that they have been living in this region since then when even civilization was not much renowned. But some historians’ also do say that these Native Americans and North Americans are actually native Indians. They say that these people actually belong from different Indian tribes who came and started living in the region of America. Similarly Mexicans are the people who live in the region comprising Mexico. Spanish is spoken in Mexico. Obviously, Spanish is not familiar to many of the people in the world so it is not commonly understood. Same is the case for Native American and Mexican names. As they are not familiar to us, so they sound really strange. Like:


1. Adolfo

2. Agata

3. Dolfino

4. Dina

5. Pokeacoocie

6. caparina

7. Imao

8. camiria

9. Adana

10. Achaia

11. Likilcrops

12. Engresia

13. Elpido

14. Logotaspear

15. abelena

16. Cherokee

17. Mohawk

18. Candido

19. Celio

20. Abila

21. Eberto

22. Edita

23. Wai wai 

24. Roy

25. Yeff

26. Sedin

27. Abino

28. Mercata

29. Buddy

30. Chriss cross

31. Druff

32. O’rear

33. Frank estine

34. Jorgan

35. Tull

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